Gyotaku Fine Art Print - LOOKDOWN Collection

$ 39.99

Off The Hook Designz's Gyotaku Fine Art Prints mix the art of Gyotaku (gyo: fish, taku: rubbing) combined with photography and design to bring you amazing imagery of a diversity of marine life. Gyotaku uses the real fish to capture the unique details of the fish's scales and fins for each one-of-a-kind species. Gyotaku is an ancient Japanese Art, traditionally done by brushing ink onto the body of a fish and rubbing the fish with a piece of cloth or rice paper. The rubbings immortalize the fish and all their natural and unique details. Our Gyotaku Fine Art Prints are made from real fish caught locally in the Gulf of Mexico, that are hand painted and rubbed, captured digitally and then custom designed by our Off The Hook artists.
Off The Hook Designz uses a patented combination of film and laminate layers on all our Gyotaku Fine Art Prints resulting in a striking metallic shimmer and shine.  Each print is coated with a metallic finish making the images super high-gloss that they almost look wet! The shadow effect on each of the fish make each unique image appear to be three dimensional and the colors pop so vibrantly!  The ultra-bright backgrounds and smooth photo finishes will make the fish come to life and shimmer like they naturally would in the sea. Each unique design is printed with the signature tribal hook and Off The Hook logo design.
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